Materials Selection
Features Benifits
Plates formed by pure 99.996% lead Better durability and performance stability for longer/dependable service life
Thickening heavy plate designs Ensure long life and performance
Special reinforce ABS for container material Resists blugling and meets safety requirements
Flame retardant ABS cover and jar V-0 halogenated ABS, has an LOI of greater than or equal to 28%
High-elastive separators, press plates accuraterly Cling plates, lower internal resistance, protect against failures and shorts for max. life.
Miruc(patent) self-sealing valves Raise the conbination rate of internal gass for maximum service life.
Lower density of electrolyte Reduce plates' corroding rate for maximum service life and performance stablility
Collapasible botterm bridge inside batteries Accommodate the expansion/growth of the positive plates for without damage/distortion to the plates, covers or the jar to cover seal.
Valve-regulated, gelled-electrolyte construction for RUZET GEL batteries High temperature resistant, dependable discharging performance, maintenance-free during the whole service life, shelf life up to 2yrs.
Special-made soft cable connectors between cells Terminal isolating protection included For ease of assembling at your site, isolation performance meets safety standard
Features Benifits
Computer-Aided design and manufacturing control process Bettery performance unity of products.
Up to 200 manufacturing and testing process Ensure all products meeting standard upon shipment
Continuing casting grid of plate process, computer-control Same size and weight for all plates in one cells.
Computer-control pasting and solidify process Cured plates ensure durable and dependable performance
Tank formed plate Ensures full and uniform charging, more expensive than in-the-jar formation, results in cells which provide 100% of capacity upon shipment and a more uniform voltage
Quadruple reinforced posts seal (O-sharp ring / Thread seal / Double EPOXY seal) Provents leakage
Double HTHP seal case and cover Provents leakage
Thru-partition weld seal for internal copper-bus Ensure superior weld quality maximizing current transfer between cells
Internal thread post terminal For easy installation and maintenance ensuring the highest current-carrying capacities
Uniform weight electrolyte filling process Ensure superior uniform performance
Computer-aided Helium leak hunting process More accurate than water-tank-test used by the majority of other manufacturers
Features Benifits
Successful and superior technology, continuing innovation Word-class quality, raise your investment value
BV Certification awarded The source of your belife
One of best performance battery brands in MIIT test center Tested by the authority orgnization of Asia, Ruzet performance is excellent
Superior cost performance Compare with other battery brand, lower cost for better performance
Longer quality warranty Ruzet customers can enjoy 3yrs(12V)/5yrs(2V) warranty for our products.
Local and international service, logistics; Excellent staff Service and logistics localization make it possible to provide best service to local customers
ISO9001 / ISO14001 Certified Ruzet collects junk batteries for recycle process, keeps promission for better enviroment

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